Can Dental Implants Help You Smile Again? Learn More From Our Medford Dentists

by Dr. Vareldzis | Date Published: 2018-10-09

Extensive dental damage is obviously an aesthetic issue, but did you know that existing damage can actually put your oral health as a whole at risk as well? This is why it’s so important for patients to seek out prompt treatment after tooth loss.

In today’s short article, our Medford dental implant dentists are going to be reviewing key benefits of this treatment option. We hope that this information gives you a better idea of what is possible with modern restorative dental care!

The first thing to know is that dental implants can be used in a number of ways to rebuild and repair smiles. Single, full-sized implants are used to replace individual teeth. Mini dental implants can be placed in areas with reduced jawbone density, and mini implant roots can be used in combination to anchor larger dental prostheses, like dentures.

No matter what type of dental implant treatment you pursue, you will benefit from the titanium dental implant root. This small screw or post not only holds the replacement tooth in place, it also supports whole-mouth health. The titanium of the implant root actually bonds with natural bone tissue over time. Once bonded, the implant root deters further jawbone tissue deterioration, and it also prevents adjacent teeth from shifting.

Another advantage to this type of treatment is that you’ll be able to clean and maintain your smile normally post-treatment. Keep your implants, and the surrounding tissue, strong and healthy by flossing, brushing, and using mouth rinse, if recommended by your dental team.

Dental implant replacement teeth are suitable for many different types of patients. In some cases, patients need to build up their bone tissues with grafts prior to receiving implants. The most important thing is that the jawbone is strong enough to surround the implant root.

As dental implant technology becomes increasingly versatile, more and more people are able to restore their smiles with this state-of-the-art solution. As always, our Medford dental implant dentists are happy to answer any questions that you may have about restorative dental treatments. Reach out to our team by giving our office a call, or by using the Contact Us on our website!