Medford Gum Disease Dentist Reviews Common Symptoms Of Gum Infections

by Dr. Vareldzis | Date Published: 2018-08-14

The cavity is undoubtedly the most discussed, and most well-known oral health threat out there. However, maintaining a healthy smile, for the long term, is about a lot more than just preserving strong teeth; your connective and oral tissues are just as important to overall oral health.

Gum disease is actually the leading cause of tooth loss among adult dental patients in the U.S. That is why our Medford dentists are here with some information about how gum disease presents, and what treatments are available. The sooner that you’re able to spot gum disease, and start treatment, the better your oral health prognosis. So, let’s get started!

Gums look different from person to person; we all have different gum shades naturally, from pink, to brown, to more gray. However, if you notice that your gums are starting to look a brighter shade of pink or red than normal, this could be indicative of gum disease. The red flag is not just the specific shade of your gum tissue, it’s also that your gums look markedly different than they usually do.

At the same time, you may find that your gums are swollen, tender, and more prone to bleeding than normal. As an infection takes root in your smile, your body will fight the infection, which leads to swelling. Compromised gum tissue is also more fragile, and thus likely to bleed, especially when you floss.

Another tell-tale sign of gum disease is chronic, hard-to-treat bad breath. We’re not talking about the temporary stinky breath that results from eating something pungent, for example. Halitosis related to periodontal disease is chronic and tough to address. This problem develops because the same oral bacteria that cause gum disease also release unpleasant odors. If you can’t seem to freshen your breath no matter what you do, it may be because your smile is over run with active bacteria.

The good news is that there are treatments available to help kill oral bacteria, and allow your gum tissue to regenerate. Our office actually uses state-of-the-art laser treatment to gently and conservatively eliminate existing infections.

If you think that you’re dealing with gum disease, our Medford dentists are here to help you. Give us a call to learn more about periodontal disease, and to schedule your personal consultation!