Our Medford Bioesthetic Dentist Takes Your Whole Smiles Into Account During Dental Treatment

by Dr. Vareldzis | Date Published: 2018-11-20

Many people think of dentistry as a pretty consistent, even stagnant field: a patient comes in with a dental problem, and the dentist treats this issue with a filling, crown, or replacement tooth. The truth, however, is much more complicated. There are actually a number of different dental philosophies out there, and your dentist’s treatment philosophy will inform how your smile changes over time.

Our Medford dentists, Dr. Vareldzis, is actually a bioesthetic dentist. In short, this means that we approach all dental issues by looking at the maxillofacial structure as a whole. Our goal is always, first and foremost, to optimize the structure of the patient’s smile, as this supports long-term oral health.

So, as an example, if a patient comes in because she is suffering from cracked and chipped enamel, our dental team will go far beyond simply repairing this damage. Bioesthetic treatment also focuses on why this type of damage is regularly occurring. It may be that the patient’s bite is poorly aligned, so certain teeth are put under unhealthy amounts of pressure. On the other hand, the patient may suffer from bruxism, so she chronically grinds her teeth and this weakens her enamel.

Once we understand the source of the patient’s dental problems—the underlying dysfunction of the patient’s smile—our dental team may recommend any number of different treatment options to correct the foundational issue. Our hypothetical patient, for example, may benefit from orthodontic treatment, customized restorations, tooth contouring, or dental bonding.

Successful bioesthetic treatment helps to stop the regular pattern of dental damage and short-term restorative solutions that plagues many dental patients. Bioesthetically-optimized smiles are designed to age well and evenly over time.

The first step in the bioesthetic treatment process is to complete a thorough dental assessment and screening. Our Medford bioesthetic dentist will check your smile for any existing damage, and collect your full dental history, so that we can build a customized treatment plan that meets your needs. Contact our office to learn more!