Helping your child develop healthy oral hygiene habits, and maintain a strong smile is absolutely paramount. That is why our Medford Family dentists have put together this short primer on pediatric dental care. We are here to give you all of the information that you need get your child started off on the right foot. Keep reading to learn more!

  • Retaining primary teeth is paramount to dental health
  • We all know that primary, or baby, teeth fall out eventually. But, it is still important for your child to hold on to them until they are replaced with adult teeth. Not only do primary teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth, but they also allow your child to expand his or her diet, and develop health speech patterns. Also, primary teeth are the perfect teeth for your children to “practice” maintaining before adult teeth emerge.  

  • Specialized products help kids stay healthy
  • In order to for children to reap all of the benefits of pediatric dental care, they need to be armed with the correct tools. Keep in mind, for example, that children who are young enough to regularly swallow toothpaste should not be using formulations that contain fluoride. Luckily, there are fluoride-free toothpastes available especially for youngsters. Take special care, also, when choosing a toothbrush for your child. You probably want to look for one with soft bristles, as kids tend to apply too much pressure when brushing. The head of the brush should be small enough to reach the child’s molars comfortably.

  • Early professional appointments can make all of the difference
  • Patients who have positive pediatric dental experiences as children are less likely to deal with dental anxiety and avoidance later in life. Now is the time to instill in your child that the dentist is their partner in dental care, not someone who is there to judge them.

    High quality dental care isn’t just for adults! Please feel free to contact our Medford family dentists to learn more and to schedule a consultation for your kiddo.



    Ready to take control of your smile and treat tooth loss for good? Our Medford dental implant dentists are here to make that a reality!

    There are a number of effective, and patient-friendly tooth replacement treatments available to you. Choosing the right option for you is all about prioritizing your treatment goals, and matching that up with a tooth replacement solution.

    When we talk about restorative, tooth replacement treatments, we are including:  

    Dentures: these dental appliances are crafted to replace consecutive missing teeth. Traditional dentures are designed to sit on top of the patient’s gum tissue. They stay in place because the base of the denture is molded to conform the to the patient’s unique jaw and gum; dentures can be further stabilized with dental adhesive.

    Bridges: a bridge sits between healthy natural teeth, and is held in place with small brackets that connect it to the adjacent dental enamel. Bridges are versatile in that they can replace any number of teeth.

    Individual dental implants: this state-of-the-art restorative treatment represents a jump forward in tooth replacement technology, because dental implants are actually embedded in the patient’s natural jawbone tissue. These permanent replacement teeth stay in place permanently, and the implant root serves as a replacement for the (now missing) natural tooth root.

    Implant-grounded prostheses: dental implant technology has been further adapted to serve larger dental prostheses, like dentures. Using just a few strategically-placed mini dental implant roots our team can permanently secure a full denture in just a couple of appointments.  

    All of the restorations that we use to replace missing teeth are customized in shape, size, and color to look natural for the patient. When you schedule a consultation with our Medford dentists, we will give you all of the information that you need to move forward with restorative treatment. There is no reason to continue living with an incomplete smile!


    Protecting your smile from damage and infection is an ongoing effort. Our Medford dentists believe that the more you know about how dental issues develop, the better prepared you are to make healthy dental decisions. That is why, today, we are giving you some important information about cavity development. We hope you find this short article helpful, and, remember, you can always reach out to our Hillcrest Family Dentistry team to learn more!

    • What is a cavity?

    A cavity, also known as dental caries, occurs when oral bacteria are able to infiltrate the natural tooth structure. Bacteria de-mineralize and weaken the tooth structure—if left unchecked, the infection will move through each layer of the tooth—the enamel, dentin, and dental pulp.

    • How do cavities develop?

    We all have oral bacteria in our mouths all of the time. Generally, there is a balancing act happening in your mouth; oral bacteria weaken enamel, and then saliva and oral hygiene products re-mineralize it again.

    When re-mineralization isn’t happening fast enough, or often enough, the tooth structure begins to degrade, and bacteria run rampant.

    • How can I protect my smile?

    Cleaning your smile as directed by your dental team will help to keep oral bacteria to a minimum. Beyond that, you want to support re-mineralization: drink plenty of water, limit sugar and acid exposure, and use products with fluoride, which has been shown to fortify enamel.

    If you think that you are already dealing with dental cavities, it is definitely in your best interest to treat the infection ASAP, so that it isn’t able to spread throughout the smile. Newly developed cavities can often be treated with simple, fast, and affordable fillings, rather than more comprehensive restorations.

    Our Medford dentists offer preventive treatment to protect your smile, as well as restorative care to reverse existing problems. Give our team a call to learn more, and to schedule a personal consultation!