Adult Tooth Loss Can Be Avoided In Medford, OR!

by Dr. Vareldzis

While modern dentistry makes it easier than ever for Dr. V to permanently replace missing teeth, today, we’ve opted to take look at some of the contributing factors behind tooth loss in adults, with the hope that such information can help you hang onto your natural smile all through life.

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Growing Older

Unfortunately, as we advance in age, our bodies evolve, and many unanticipated health issues can emerge. After the age of 30 you are at a much higher risk for tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis, the early form of gum disease will turn into a periodontal disease if it is not detected and/or treated. Gum disease is actually the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults. But, like we said, it is easily preventable and treatable if caught soon enough. That’s why you will want to darken our doors at least twice each year.

Being A Dude

Sorry gentleman. It’s been proven that men tend to lose more teeth than women. If you are a male, be extra careful with your smile.


Tobacco smoke is a major risk factor for gum disease as well as tooth loss. This is due to the fact that it changes the bacterial balance of your mouth. The sad fact is that if you’re a lifelong smoker it’s pretty much a sure bet that you’ll eventually need to have Dr. Vareldzis replace some teeth for you. So, do try to quit, or better yet, don’t ever start!


When it comes to tooth loss in adults, sugar plays a role in several ways. Sugar feeds the dangerous bacteria that cause decay in your teeth. We have also found that patients with diabetes are at extreme risk for gum disease.

High Blood Pressure

Here’s what we know: everything is interconnected in your body. Gum disease and high-blood pressure are correlated but it seems to work in both directions.

Hygiene Matters

To maintain excellent oral health, you will have to do your part at home every day of your life. There is a lot to lose if you don’t. Folks who are lax with their hygiene are much more likely to end up with decay and the previously mentioned periodontal disease that will lead to tooth loss. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing will make a big difference.

Preventive Dentistry

Patients who have a dentist they can trust to stay in tune with their ever-changing needs will be able to enjoy a healthy smile all through life. Scheduling a trip to Hillcrest Family Dentistry twice a year is a small investment of time that could save your smile along with your life.

We have the ability to screen you for cancer and other causes for concern every time you come in for a professional tooth cleaning and dental exam. What’s more, we have access to all the modern tools, training, and technology that will make it easy to stay on the good road.

Let Dr. V Save Your Smile!

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