For many of us, when we think about oral health problems, we think about things like cavities and chipped teeth. Undoubtedly, these are serious oral health issues, but there are other, less visible, dental issues that can be just as damaging. One of these is TMJ disorder.

TMJ refers to “temporomandibular joint.” Your TMJs are the joints at either side of your head that connect your lower jaw to your skull. TMJs allow your lower jaw to move, so that you can chew, speak, yawn, and more.  

When these joints are damaged, irritated, or poorly aligned, they can cause a number of unwanted symptoms like jaw pain, ear pain, jaw clicking, and limited jaw mobility. The real problem, however, lies when TMJ disorder is left untreated; the stress that TMJ dysfunction puts on your smile can lead to a number of more serious oral health issues over time:

  • Jaw damage
  • Premature tooth deterioration/wear and tear
  • Shifting dental alignment

If you are suffering from TMJ problems, then it is likely that your smile is unbalanced in some way. This underlying dysfunction needs to be addressed so that your top and bottom teeth can come together comfortably and naturally; this will take the stress off of your TMJ joint.

Sometimes, our Medford TMJ dentist recommends that patients undergo orthodontic treatment in order to achieve dental harmony. Alternatively, you may benefit from utilizing dental bonding or porcelain restorations on select teeth, as these treatments can refine your bite surfaces. Patients who suffer from bruxism, or chronic dental grinding, may wear protective mouth guards at night to protect their teeth.

If you think that you’re dealing with TMJ problems, our Medford TMJ dentists strongly encourage you to seek treatment as soon as possible. The sooner that you begin to rebalance your smile, the better your long-term dental prognosis. Give us a call to get started!


When dental damage occurs, the last thing that you want to do is to have to wait around to get the restorative treatment that you need. That is why our Medford dentists have made it a priority to outfit our practice with convenient, efficient treatments that deliver full results quickly. One of these treatments is CEREC; keep reading to learn more!

“CEREC” stands for Chairside Economical Restorative Esthetic Ceramic; this is a technology that allows our dental team to craft restorations right here in our office, rather than having to rely on off-site labs.

How CEREC Technology Works

When you come in for an appointment with a damaged tooth, our dental team will perform an assessment and determine whether a dental crown can help you. If you’re a candidate for CEREC crowns, we’ll then clear away all of the damaged or infected dental material, and prep your tooth for treatment.

Once your tooth is prepped, we take a digital impression of the relevant tooth. This data is then input into the restoration milling machine, which goes to work creating a restoration to your exact specifications.

When the crown is complete, our team “dry fits” the restoration on your tooth, to ensure that it is a good fit. At this point, we’ll make any refinements necessary to help the crown integrate with your smile. The final step is to permanently attach the crown to the appropriate tooth.

Here’s the thing: this entire process happens in just one dental appointment. You don’t have to bother with a temporary crown, and you don’t have to schedule multiple appointments. We have found that patients love CEREC treatment for its ease of use and convenience.

CEREC crowns are milled from high-quality porcelain; these are not temporary crowns.

Our Medford CEREC dentists truly believe that part of our job is to make dental care as accessible and stress-free for our patients as possible. Discover a better way to restore your teeth—give us a call to schedule a personal consultation!