Can Invisalign Fix My Unseemly Smile?

by Dr. Vareldzis

If you are an adult living with crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, we have some good news for you: Dr. Vareldzis, our resident expert, can help you boost the health and appearance of your smile through a great alternative orthodontic solution known as Invisalign.

Before you schedule your Invisalign consultation at our Medford, OR dentist’s office, we do have a few questions for you that are the heart of today’s post. This will help you know if Invisalign seems like a good option for your needs. We’ll look forward to talking to you when you have answered them all!

1. Do You Want To Keep Your Treatment A Secret?

Dr. Vareldzis knows that most adults do not want to draw extra attention to their mouths while they are in the midst of a major orthodontic overhaul. That’s why he insists that clear (pretty much invisible) plastic aligners are a better way to get the job done. The Invisalign trays are so discreet that your coworkers will never even suspect that you are wearing “braces.”

2. Do You Want A System That Allows For Breaks?

Our team loves how, with Invisalign, you can take a break whenever you need to. Go ahead and remove your aligners for taking meals, snapping photos, or whenever else you deem necessary. Try doing that with metal brackets and wires! Just to be clear: you do have to wear the aligners for most of each day to stay on track.

3. Do You Want To Save Time?

Metal braces would have to be adjusted monthly at the orthodontist’s office, which usually means time away from work. With Dr. Vareldzis overseeing the Invisalign process, you can make the changes yourself by switching out your Invisalign aligners for the next ones in the series. What’s more, you won’t have to waste time shopping for food that doesn’t get trapped in metal!

4. Do You Want To Be Comfortable?

Metal is always going to feel unnatural and will inevitably make your mouth hurt.

Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, won’t inflict that kind of pain and suffering.

In fact, our Invisalign aligners are custom-built just for you and they act more like a mouthguard in the way that they rest pleasantly on top of your teeth. This means that you can avoid the bleeding, sores, and discomfort that orthodontic patients used to put up with.

5. Do You Want Fast Results?

Dr. Vareldzis knows that time is of the essence when it comes to adult orthodontic treatments. With Invisalign, you can radically improve your smile in only about 12 months as opposed to the 2 or 3 years that metal braces would necessitate.

Start Today!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you will want to get Dr. Vareldzis involved right away. When you come in for your consultation, he will make sure that Invisalign is the best bet for your current needs. One way or another, we’ll get things straightened out for you at our Medford, OR dentist’s office.

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