Dental Veneers Are Easy In Medford, OR

by Dr. Vareldzis

Are you looking for a way to boost the appearance of your smile? Then Dr. Vareldzis is the dentist in Medford, Oregon that you need to connect with. He has many years of experience placing dental veneers, a great cosmetic dentistry solution that can quickly fix a variety of dental damage.

Today, we want to explore the reasons why you should consider dental veneers from us. Keep reading, and then be sure to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation at Hillcrest Family Dentistry. We’ll give you plenty to smile about!

Dental Veneers In Medford, OR

Here’s the deal: our veneers are thin, shell-like pieces of tooth-colored material that are designed to more or less replace the surface of your own teeth. Dr. Vareldzis knows just how to use them to hide all sorts of imperfections and smooth over years of unruly dental damage.

Since veneers are placed over your existing teeth, Dr. Vareldzis will use 3D scanning technology to make an accurate, digital map of your smile.

For most patients, we can use CEREC Technology to create your veneers right here in our Medford, OR office. At Hillcrest Family Dentistry, we offer two materials to make veneers from e.max and ceramic. When you are here for your consultation with Dr. Vareldzis, he will go over the differences, and at that point, you can decide which is best for your smile.

Dental Veneers Whiten Your Smile

If you are living with stains and discoloration, we have some good news for you. Veneers are custom-designed to appear as white and fresh as you want them to be. That means we can design them to cover your stains and set you up with a great new look.

Dental Veneers Hide Chips

If the years have been less than kind to your smile, that’s alright. We can help! If you have chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth, Dr. Vareldzis can utilize veneers to hide those imperfections and create a smooth, blemish-free surface.

Dental Veneers Fill In Gaps

Too many gaps? Dr. Vareldzis can custom-craft and place your veneers in such a way so as to hide any spacing issues that you might be dealing with.

You will leave Hillcrest Family Dentistry with the appearance of a perfectly spaced smile that you can be proud about.

Dental Veneers Improve Your Bite

In addition to your cosmetic concerns, veneers can also address practical issues. These include the length and shape of your teeth. This is important since it can actually make a difference in your bite (the way your teeth come together). Your smile will look better and function better when Dr. Vareldzis is finished with you.

Dental Veneers Provide Self-Assurance

We know that your looks do matter when it comes to first impressions. And when you have a troubled smile, that can be embarrassing and be inhibiting to you in both your professional and private life.

Lucky for you, our veneers will get your confidence back and allow you to smile with the assurance you have been going without.

Let’s Do This!

Dr. Vareldzis loves dental veneers because they offer instant results for our patients. We are confident that you will love them too. As you now know, our veneers are just the thing for correcting spacing issues, oddly shaped teeth, stains, chips, and the like.

To schedule your cosmetic consultation, contact us online or call our Medford, OR dentist’s office today at 541-930-8036.