Keep Your Smile Healthy This Summer

by Dr. Vareldzis

Welcome back to the Hillcrest Family Dentistry blog!

We are a family-focused dental practice based in the charming community of Medford, Oregon.

If you live in the area, we’d love to see your smiling face sometime this summer! This time of year, it can be tempting to neglect your healthy habits, but we can help keep you focused on what matters most to us: YOUR SMILE!

Keep reading to hear our seasonal oral health tips, and then be sure to follow up with any questions, concerns, or comments, and to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment!

Drink As Much Water As You Can

Hydration is key to maintaining overall wellness in the summertime. But beyond the obvious health benefits for your body, it can also help keep your breath from turning foul by allowing you to produce enough saliva to fight off the bad-breath-causing bacteria.

Lay Off The Sugar

Sugary sodas and ice cream may taste good but they won’t do much good for your smile in the long run because all that sugar will feed the bacteria that causes cavities. If you don’t want to get fillings in the fall, make better choices now!

Brush, Brush, Brush

Get a new toothbrush and brush your teeth for 2 minutes or more, at least twice each day. This will keep help keep tooth decay and periodontal disease from gaining a foothold in your mouth, and it will leave your mouth feeling clean.

Don’t do it right after you eat, though, because with all the acid on the loose in your mouth, you could really damage your enamel.

Flossing Is A Non-Negotiable

Find some dental floss and use it! To go after the plaque and tartar that remains between your teeth and in other hard to see areas, dental floss is the one thing you’ll need to get the job done right. No excuses!

Rinse With Mouthwash

There are fluoride mouthwashes available that can deliver added oral health benefits. This is an easy way to enhance your daily drill.

Visit The Dentist

We don’t take the summer off! With our exceptional staff, new technology, beautiful office, and compassionate approach, we can deliver the kind of comprehensive dental care your family deserves.

Our teeth cleanings can address any bacteria, tartar, or plaque that remains after your efforts at home. Plus, our thorough exams will make it easy to detect and treat any causes for concern before they get out of control. Cavities, gum disease, and cancer, can all be painful and costly to treat down the road.

What’s more, we approach dentistry from a holistic perspective, keeping in mind that what affects your dental health can affect your overall health sooner or later.

Learn More, Get Started!

We hope that you have been inspired to take the next step. Contact us online or call us today at at 541-930-8036 to schedule your next dental appointment in Medford, Oregon!

We’ll make it easy to keep your smile on the good road all summer long!