Why Not Try Invisalign For Your Teen?

by Dr. Vareldzis


Happy 4th of July!

In Medford, Oregon, this is one of our favorite times of the year. We hope that you will have plenty of reasons to share a smile with friends and family this summer.

If you are worried about what to do to help your teen correct a smile that is marred by crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, we’d like to introduce you to a great possibility. It’s known as Invisalign. We are confident that this alternative orthodontic treatment program will get your teen excited about improving their oral health and appearance.

Read on to hear all about how it works, and then be sure to follow up with our Hillcrest Family Dentistry team to schedule your clear braces consultation!

The Benefits Of These Braces Are Clear

We’ll be the first to admit that there are plenty of reasons for a young person to hate classic metal braces. But we can assure you that there is a lot for them to love about the Invisalign system.

First of all, your teen will appreciate that, unlike old-style metal braces, Invisalign won’t have any adverse effects on their appearance during the treatment time, and it won’t require them to wait around for several years in order to see improvement.

Even better, no outsiders will know what is going on. That’s because this system does not require any attention-grabbing metal at all! These braces are made of smooth, translucent plastic aligners.

Comfortable Fit

Metal is never going to feel right in your mouth. Especially when it is harnessed to your teeth for years and years.

By contrast, the lightweight Invisalign aligners fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth and gradually shift them into position.

Every two weeks your teen will simply have to swap out the aligners for the next set in the series, in order to keep things moving along.

Hassle-Free Process

Orthodontic solutions have come a long way. With Invisalign, there will be no awkward in-office adjustments, no wires to poke you in the soft tissues, and no bleeding or mouth sores.

Weird brushes and tools that you would need to keep regular braces from trapping food won’t be necessary either. For cleaning, you just remove the aligners and rinse them under warm water!

Because they’re removable, your son or daughter will get to enjoy eating eating whatever they crave without any restrictions.

Life will go on as usual.

Fast, Fantastic Results!

Like we said, you won’t have to sacrifice years of your life to see the changes unfold. When the Invisalign treatment is completed, in only about 12 months, the results will be just as amazing as a conventional orthodontic treatment would deliver. It just happens faster and with fewer headaches.

To summarize: Invisalign offers a more subtle, safe, quick and reliable alternative to standard issue braces. What more could you want from an orthodontic program for your teen?

There is one more noteworthy component. With the adolescent version of Invisalign, there is also a built-in compliance tracker to help you monitor your investment and guarantee the smile that everyone involved is hoping for.

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