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Antibiotics—Wonder Drugs, But not a Magic Cure        

January 10, 2020

Seventy years ago, antibiotics burst onto the medical scene to cure whatever might be ailing you. This was great during WorldWar II, where military men had to dodge not only bullets but exotic debilitating diseases. Penicillin shot to the rescue.

Soon doctors were prescribing antibiotics for bacterial infections, against which they were wonderfully powerful, and viral disorders—like cold and flu—where they had only a placebo effect at best.

Twenty-first Century doctors have shown more discretion in prescribing these drugs. For one thing, targeted bacteria have become tougher and harder to destroy, even as new antibiotics are being developed. And antibiotics seem to work best on patients who have had the least experience with them. Don’t insist on antibiotics you don’t really need. Then take properly when you do.

Do You Need RX for Dental Care? You may need preventive antibiotics if you have

* Artificial heart valves
* History of infective endocarditis
* Congenital (present from birth) heart conditions
* Cardiac transplants that develop abnormalities

Ask your MD if you have other hear, eye, joint or implants not listed here that might require you to have antibiotics.