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Freedom to Choose

May 7, 2020
Dr. Dimitrios Vareldzis

Especially choices having to do with your smile.

One of the 6 measurements of wellbeing made by the World Happiness Report is Freedom to Choose. These days, adults in all walks of life are making cosmetic choices that restore youthful vitality to their appearance. You’d be amazed at the role fresh, bright teeth play in making that critical first impression. So many cosmetic alternatives exist, it’s a virtual certainty we can find one that’s ideal for you.

We can provide teeth whitening for an easy, inexpensive smile upgrade. Always wanted straight teeth? Clear braces make it so easy. Chips and dental flaws are virtually painless to repair. If you’ve lost a tooth and are ignoring the gap, let’s talk about it. We may recommend a crown or bridge, since missing teeth can challenge your overall dental health. We also have laser treatments that provide a huge range of benefits—everything from pain-free dental treatments to erasing the wrinkles around your mouth! Ask us what we can do for you.

But the greatest thing about freedom of choice is the freedom part. Whatever procedure you select or forgo, it’s your personal choice. We’re happy to work with you, for whatever you choose.

Let’s do what’s right for you!