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Holiday Stress Antidotes

December 1, 2021
Dr. Dimitrios Vareldzis

Pamper Yourself


Optimism can help you deal with stress. That, in turn, can improve your health. Research suggest that the rewards from positive thinking range from lower rates of depression to longer life expectancy and even greater resistance to the common cold. Life abounds with challenges, and an important part of a healthy lifestyle often means spoiling yourself with the little things that bring you joy. You benefit, of course, but so do your family, friends—and everyone around you.

We offer you these suggestions to get your started...

  • Give yourself a makeover. Change as little or as much as you like of your hairstyle, hair color, lipstick or nail polish.
  • Try a new recipe, preferably using fresh ingredients. Then treat yourself and loved ones to a sit-down meal with happy conversation and minus electronic devices.
  • Schedule a movie night at home. Select a movie everyone wants to see, make popcorn, snuggle into pajamas and dim the lights.
  • Lose yourself in a book. Set aside time to read a little every day. Join a book club to discuss your reads with others.
  • Take a hike, a run, or a leisurely walk.
  • Soak in the tub, preferably scented bubble bath, bath salts or oils.
  • Meditate or pray or do some yoga. Give yourself a quiet moment away from distractions.
  • Relax. Enjoy.