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Kids and Teeth

February 15, 2023
Dr. Dimitrios Vareldzis

Dentists are treating the grandchildren of Baby Boomers—lots and lots of ‘em! And the new generation can expect entirely different dental experiences than grandpa and grandma remember. Super Cool!

Baby teeth do grown-up duty

Primary teeth work hard. Those 20 teeth pave the way for permanent teeth. If they’re lost prematurely, replacement teeth can crop up in unexpected—and unhealthy—places. Keep every tooth you can in that young noggin.

Boys being boys–Not!

Mouth guards aren’t just for boys anymore. Girls are just as active and competitive as boys on the field—and off.

Glad to meet you, Doc

That all-important first visit to the dentist should come early on. We need every opportunity to begin safeguarding an individual’s health, so we’d rather see a child very young—before he or she needs to see a drill.

What can a parent do when the baby’s brand new?

Get your baby used to the feeling of clean teeth. Gently rub teeth and gums with a gauze pad after every feeding.

Hey, dude, chill grill.

Who ever thought braces would be a trend the whole family is jumping in on? You can have neon colors, accelerated treatment or go nearly invisible with clear aligners. If you need an orthodontist, we'd be happy to refer to someone we trust. Allllriiiiiight!