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Orthodontics Can Be A Family Affair

August 17, 2021
Dr. Dimitrios Vareldzis

A perfect smile means poise and self-confidence and, very likely, a slight edge in the social and business worlds.

We see it everyday in our practice: it’s never too late. Along with their kids, more adults are seeking straighter teeth and smoother dental function. Because a strong, sound smile is valued by us all.

It’s terrific when a child gets treatment early on. He or she will enjoy the benefits of care that much longer. For those of us who didn’t have this opportunity when we were teenagers—well it’s time to go for it.

A big percentage of our patients today are grown-ups, among them lots of moms and a surprising number of men. It just goes to show that orthodontics can be a family affair.

If you or a friend could live happily ever after with a better smile, give us a call. We offer free orthodontic evaluations to all our patients, their families and their friends.